My name is Edgar Galindo. I am a member of the Portuguese Psychological Association (Ordem dos Psicologos Portugueses) and of the American Psychological Association. I am professor and researcher at the University of Evora (Portugal), where I have been until January 2018 Director of the Psychology Department. I have studied Psychology, Foreign Languages and Diplomacy in Mexico, Poland and Germany, with Ph.D. at the Free University Berlin (1986).  


I have been Professor for Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1973-1992), invited Professor at the Wilhelm Wundt International Chair in Leipzig (1988-1989), Professor at the University Lusofona in Lisbon (2002-2008), and a member of the Mexican Foreign Service (1990-2002 and 2008-2012) with diplomatic duties in Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Portugal and Panama. I am an author of several books and papers on Psychology, Education and Foreign Relations, among them Tratamento do insucesso escolar com técnicas da psicología: Manual prático. (Treatment of school failure with psychological techniques), Lisbon, 2015; Modificación de conducta en la educación especial (Behavior modification in special education), Mexico, 2018;  Psicología y educación especial (Psychology and Special Education), Mexico, 2009; El retardo en el desarrollo (Developmental retardation), Mexico, 1996, and La psicologia aplicada en la diplomacia (Applied Psychology in Diplomacy), Barcelona, 2017


Presently,  I offer workshops, seminars and courses on two main topics: 1) evaluation and training of children at risk, i.e. children with special educational needs and/or children with school failure problems , and 2) applied Psychology in international relations and intercultural contexts, including problems of mental health of expatriates and their families. 


I am offering too individual consultation for children and families, especially those living in a foreign country.



Curriculum Vitae
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